5 February | 19h00 | Eighteen13, Joburg

The Business Book Club presents...

We are still human (and work shouldn't suck)

About the Book: We Are Still Human


Does your job make you feel worthless, miserable, depressed and anxious,

sick to your stomach, suicidal, angry?

When the authors, Brad Shorkend and Andy Golding, typed in the words ‘my job makes me’ on Google these are prompts they received because so many people had previously searched all of these that Google assumed they were going to as well. Consider how many millions of people need to have typed in these particular statements relating to their jobs for this to occur?

Are you feeling uncomfortable as you read this? Either because you feel the same way, or because you lead, own or work in a business full of people and if you’re brutally honest with yourself you may realise that this is quite possibly exactly how they feel.

Engagement surveys and culture assessments aside, do you really, truly, honestly know what experiences the people inside your business are having? Do you have any tangible or quantifiable measure for how much this may be enhancing or diminishing your business bottom line?

Most importantly, do you know what to do to meaningfully impact this? To create that work doesn’t suck! (step 1) And even better, is AWESOME! (step 2).

Your mission is to now inhale, and then digest the concepts, ideas, models, mutterings, stories and tactics on the pages of We Are Still Human, and become a CBA, a Company Behaving Awesomely.

About the Authors:

Brad Shorkend

Brad is an agitator & thought provoker. He works with business leaders around the world helping them to be constantly innovation ready and to create exceptional employee and customer experiences that translate into kick-ass innovation, constant relevance, and significant revenue.

He walks his talk as a leader, entrepreneur and innovator and is currently an active shareholder in multiple businesses across numerous sectors (fashion, tech, real estate, co-working and learning, to name a few).

Andy Golding

Andy Golding is an employee experience specialist and co-founder of Still Human. Her primary focus and area of impact is businesses relevance in a rapidly changing world. To achieve this she works with companies to craft and build cultures that are always innovation ready as well as designing employee experience to ensure that people are being switched on and grown. She assists companies and leaders in businesses across diverse sectors from start-ups to established, century old organisations to become places where the best talent wants to work, chooses to come to and where they thrive. 

A keen researcher and blogger, has written for and continues to contribute to many publications at the forefront of human capital and employee experience design. She was named one of Entrepreneur Magazine’s ‘50 Top South African Business Women to Watch’ in 2018.

About The Business Book Club

The Business Book Club was founded with the purpose to share knowledge in a business context. Knowledge is the start of change, an inevitable process of business (and life), and one can obtain it through various means. Books are our favourite way and what better than to have a conversation with the author. Sharing knowledge through questions and answers helps us understand how each of us can affect change in a positive way.

At our monthly meetings, we invite an author to showcase their book and share their knowledge. Through conversations with the author, we grow our leadership capability by understanding how we can change our business environments.

We do not charge an entry fee to our events but ask that a pre-loved business or educational book is donated. These books are collected and then donated to a needy library or community in less privileged areas. We currently donate books to The Signature Library, Soweto, and are continuously looking at alternative libraries/ communities who would benefit from The Business Book Club members' donations.

Entrance Fee: A pre-loved book for donation.

About the Founder: Jacques Velleman

Jacques is an experienced NxtLevel™ Business Coach, helping CEO’s and teams transform their companies into successful enterprises in today’s competitive world.

He wrote his first book in 2017, NxtLevel™ Business, How To Predictably Double Your Profits And Revenue In The Next 3 Years and is one of South Africa’s recognised facilitators for LMI (Leadership Management International), helping companies create collaboration within teams in South Africa’s diverse landscape.

At the beginning of 2017, he founded The Business Book Club, a not-for-profit organisation with the purpose to share the love of knowledge through books.

Details of the Event

Tuesday 5 February 2019

19h00 - 20h30

Eighteen13, Fourways, Johannesburg (map)

The Business Book Club is sponsored by Centred.