The Business Book Club was founded with the purpose to share knowledge. Knowledge is the start of change, an inevitable process of business and life.

Our Story

Books are our favourite way and what is better than to have a conversation with the author. Sharing knowledge through questions and answers helps us understand how each of us can affect change in a positive way. The Business Book Club meets monthly where we invite an author to showcase their book and share their knowledge. Through conversations with the author, we grow our leadership capability by understanding how we can change our business environments.

Our Purpose

We do not charge an entry fee to our events but ask that a pre-loved business or educational book is donated. These books are collected and then donated to a needy library or community in less privileged areas. We currently donate books to The Signature Library, Soweto, and are continuously looking at alternative libraries/ communities who would benefit from The Business Book Club members’ donations.

Meet the Team

Jacques Velleman

CEO & Founder

Jacques is an experienced Business Coach and Professional Speaker, helping leaders transform their companies’ teams into successful enterprises in today’s competitive world. In 2012 he founded Centred, a business coaching company using a mixture of business psychology and numbers to increase performance and success rates for CEO’s and their Teams.

At the beginning of 2017, Jacques founded The Business Book Club, which is an extension of his passion for books and his desire to share knowledge with those less privileged. He is a part time lecturer with the LMI Business School in the field of Strategy and has delivered various keynote presentations and seminars on the subjects of Business Strategy and Human Potential.

Takalani ‘Bruce’ Mukhola

Executive Director – Books & Distribution

Takalani Bruce is consummate professional who thrives at the very idea of making a difference. Filled with character and a sense of humour, he uses both his ability to sell and influence to get his point across in an expressive manner. He is a passionate family man who has two little boys that occupy most of his spare time. At the centre of his beliefs is that anyone no matter who they are can teach him something, to a point where his kids have taught him the value of Eat and Play.

His career has been very diverse which gave him a broad overview on many things, from being Financial Director to IT manager, Financial Consultant and a Dealer Principal. This simply allowed him to explore various fields so that he can carve out what he is good at. Business studies have been the backbone of his career as he is a qualified accountant. His Motto in life - Keep a positive mental attitude which allows him to enjoy life.

Mike Love

Executive Director – Finance

Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts...

Bronwyn Petzer

Executive Marketing & Sponsorships

Bronwyn is a Mother, Holistic Wellness Enthusiast, Conscious Healer, Mentor, Facilitator
and Speaker based in Cape Town, South Africa.

After school, she graduated with a BComm degree in Marketing & Business Management and pursued a career in Sales, Marketing and eventually Events Co-ordination.

Working for a motivational speaker in the personal development arena and going on a healing journey that completely changed her life, she realised that she yearned to do more significant work that made a difference and impacted in the lives of others positively. Bronwyn is passionate about helping others learn, grow and evolve and realise their highest potential. She intuitively understands the human pshyche and loves to share positive energy wherever she goes.

Joyce Mangwende

Events & Marketing Support

Originally from Zimbabwe, Joyce came to South Africa at a very young age. She completed her basic education at Bordeaux Primary school and her higher education at Cosmo City Secondary School in Johannesburg South Africa.

After high school she got her first job ,working as a Barista at Seattle Coffee Company where she learned the basics and gained a rudimentary knowledge of professional coffee preparations. With so much determination she worked her way up and within the third year she was promoted to a head barista position at the age of 21. After 5 years at Seattle she started her administrative Journey.

She is a powerful force in the workplace and maintains a positive attitude. She is hard working, completes every task to the best of her ability and will stop at nothing to succeed and provide a comfortable life for her family.

Her daily inspiration is her daughter and in her free time she enjoys spending time with her, reading books and watching soccer.