Jacques Velleman

Jane Collett

Takalani Bruce


Jacques is an experienced Business Coach and Professional Speaker, helping leaders transform their companies’ teams into successful enterprises in today’s competitive world. In 2012 he founded Centred, a business coaching company using a mixture of business psychology and numbers to increase performance and success rates for CEO’s and their Teams.

At the beginning of 2017, Jacques founded The Business Book Club, which is an extension of his passion for books and his desire to share knowledge with those less privileged.  He is a part time lecturer with the LMI Business School in the field of Strategy and has delivered various keynote presentations and seminars on the subjects of Business Strategy and Human Potential.


Jane Collett, Inspirer & Entrepreneur, Freelance Specialist in Event & Project Management, Communications, Marketing and Networking. CEO of The Business Book Club, South Africa. Jane started her career at The Design Centre, Haymarket, London followed by positions with Ranks Hovis McDougall, British Oxygen and British Airways in the UK. Jane moved to South Africa in 1982 and continued her career with the Estee Lauder Group of Companies and then opened her own business in the Corporate Events Planning, Project Management and Communications Industry.  Over the past 25 years she has worked successfully with global corporates including SABMIller London, SAB South Africa, Pilsner Urquell, Prague, Coca Cola London, ABI, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Astra Pharmaceuticals and Tracker South Africa. Jane has a passion for people, is an ardent networker, loves entertaining, great food, great wine, travel and cultures.

Non Executive Director

Takalani Bruce as he is affectionately known is a consummate professional, who thrives at the very idea of making a difference. Filled with character and a sense of humour, he uses both his ability to sell and influence to get his point across in an expressive manner. He is a passionate family man who has two little boys that occupy most of his spare time. At the centre of his beliefs is that anyone no matter who they are can teach him something, to a point where his kids have taught him the value of Eat and Play. Simple philosophy (which is now a real concept – literally) yet excellent as it allows him to give his kids what they want, time with him and he can use that time to simply play. Bruce is also an outdoors man, keen sports man in his days (not from behind but in front of the TV screen but actually playing, he was part of the Gauteng Action soccer team.) These days golf occupies his sporting activities. His career has been very diverse which gave him a broad overview on many things, from being Financial Director to IT manager, Financial Consultant and a Dealer Principal. This simply allowed him to explore various fields so that he can carve out what he is good at. Business studies have been the backbone of his career as he is a qualified accountant. His Motto in life - Keep a positive mental attitude which allows him to enjoy life.